KPTech, in 2019 (update: 2020 & 2021 too), have decided that your backup or disaster recovery/continuity solution is now just as, if not more, important than your security solution. Yes, we said it.. Backup is at least of the same importance as antivirus software or firewall devices.

Security done right is the ultimate combination of many “layers” of products, and staff training with constant education thrown in, to end up with reasonable protection from virus/hacking/phishing/malware/ransomware/crypto…. <insert another 10 or so attack methods here>.

Backup, on the other hand, is generally a single cost, single product, automated system/service that generally requires no input on your behalf, no training for staff and is the one thing you will be needing if any layer in the list above is missed!

Now, one thing to point out that applies to any KPTech provided backup solution, is that we take care of it, and you (or your staff) do not! We remove the human element in your business, because, well, we can’t rely on them. Yes, we said it.. (ouch, two of these on one page!) We understand that the staff member who religiously changed the USB stick/hard drive every morning got sick for 3 days and no-one else knew what to do (so it didn’t happen). We also know the same highly paid staff member (with an IT degree expectation from management) ALWAYS checked the log to see that the backup actually worked by deciphering the error codes and plain English explanation.. and the errors that it mentioned couldn’t be THAT important if those errors had always been there from day one when the IT person set it up, right? Not to mention that the little noise doesn’t happen when you plug in the USB stick/hard drive, for about 2 months now.. (Shall we go on, we have plenty more where this came from…)

The other point to make, every backup solution KPTech offers involves cloud storage of your data, and the data stays in Australia. We don’t want to rely on hardware that gets old, stops making that little noise when you plug it in, gets full and the backup stops, or find out the cheap USA based backup service was actually a part time business and the owner just went on holidays etc etc…

KPTech backup solutions are rather easy.. you simply need to know what you want to backup, how often you need it backed up, how much data there is to backup, how long you want us to store audit copies and how much downtime you can afford if the worst possible disaster occurred and you lost everything. If you have an idea, even for just the last question, we can immediately suggest from the 5 different backup solutions we have, starting from $11 per month, which will be the solution you need.

You pay for insurance for important assets, right? Your data is your “IT” asset, protect it.

Refer to the following pages for solution examples.. Document, File & Folder, SaaS or Disaster & Continuity.