Managed Online PC Continuity Backup

Scenario: You walk into work and your computer wont turn on.. After troubleshooting, it’s determined the PC is unrecoverable (i.e motherboard failure, hard drive failure etc). You need a new computer, and you need to try and get your data back off the old one!

A new PC will generally take at least 24 hours (KPTech’s expectation) or more to get ready. Recovering data may not even be possible.

Disaster recovery backup means we can run your latest backup in a cloud environment within hours, and you connect to it via the internet and you will have access to everything just as you did before the disaster!

You can lookup* anything you need, while a new PC is organised. (*note, any changes to the data in the cloud will not be restored to the replacement PC using this version of disaster recovery)

  • Monthly or Yearly billing
  • Automated 2 hourly backup, no user responsibility or involvement needed
  • Virtualised imaging of the entire PC in the cloud. (I.e total system failure means you still have a working PC in the cloud to connect to)
  • 12 Months of recoverable versions and deleted data (based on 2hr daily, to weekly, to monthly for up to 12 months)
  • 1.5Tb total backup allocation, spread across multiple local volumes if required (I.e it can backup Local Disk C: , D: , E: etc, as long as the total is less than 1.5Tb)
  • Data stored in Australia in Tier 3 Data Centre