KPTech offer multiple solutions for backing up your cloud based products, protecting you from accidental or intentional deletion and hacking or virus infection. These products to backup might include:

Office 365 – i.e

  • Email (including contacts, calendar etc)
  • Office 365 Sharepoint / OneDrive
  • Teams

Google Apps – i.e

  • Gsuite Email (including contacts, calendar etc)
  • Google Drive & Team Drives


Always remember that “cloud” does not equal “backup”. Cloud providers like Microsoft and Google are responsible for ensuring the service is available and reliable – but they are not responsible for your personal data past 28 days on average.

SaaS based backup requires no setup on your local computer, with no programs to install or maintain. There are solutions for backing up your data every 90 minutes, 3 times per day or just a single daily backup – give us a call to find out what solution suits your needs.