KPTech understand that cloud is becoming the norm when it comes to storing your information like photo’s, documents and even videos. Popular options are generally free or low cost like iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox – and for home use they may suffice.

When it comes to business however, do these platforms give you enough features to protect your data while offering flexibility to share safely with others, and give you enough support to match business needs?

Can business owners have management capabilities to track when and what mobile users are doing, or be able to wipe specific company data from an ex employee device at the click of a button?

Fusion does all of this and more. No matter the size of your business, or quantity of users.

Is the data safe for more than just 30 days (from accidental deletion, security breach etc), and is there any version control over documents to eliminate risk of losing important files changes to those documents as time passes?

Fusion gives you 180 days backup and version control over saved changes automatically.

When sharing data, can it be made tamper proof or restrict download/copy functions, and not have to force the recipient to register an account with the same service you have just so they can access what you share?

Fusion has 6 different levels of access security, automatic PDF conversions, date or access count restrictions, email validation or password protected links, QR codes and sharing without forcing recipients to sign up to anything.

And what if something happens to your data or access, i.e a security issue.. do you have a phone number you can call to get help in a timely fashion?

Fusion has local (SA) phone support, email support and remote support

KPTech know that the free editions of any cloud product are heavily used by business, but we also see the damage that occurs when it can take up to 48 hours to get support via email when you find your account has been hacked, or, something you deleted by mistake 40 days ago cannot be recovered.

That sinking feeling of knowing criminals are controlling your account, have locked you out, and there is nothing you can do until a random support member emails you back from the other side of the world, only to deny there has been any evidence it occured in the first place. (Yes, this happens – were you expecting more for a free account?)

KPTech Fusion (using Datto Workplace) bridges the gap between investing zero or little money storing business files in the cloud, or investing large amounts of money on private cloud storage, or expensive servers or NAS solutions that require storage upgrades and replacing every 2-4 years.

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