Updated April 2022

  • Active Clients 441 (Clients we work with monthly or yearly)
  • Active Agreements 655 (Client agreements we invoice monthly or yearly)
  • Active Managed Agreements 174 (Clients agreements that we take all responsibility for – doesn’t include our Microsoft365, antivirus or hosting agreements)
  • Managed Devices 918 (Clients devices we monitor and maintain)
  • Average (last 4 weeks) Support Tickets per day 8 (How many times our 456 total Clients, equaling thousands of staff, request our help in 1 day)
  • Staff Count 6 (excluding a few website development staff overseas)

KPTech use the latest tools available in the industry to ensure our efficiency in supporting our clients is fast and accurate.

We develop automation with these tools to free up staff resources so they can spend more time helping and researching solutions for our clients.

Automation is the key to our success and profitability, but also the key to our happy and loyal customers who expect the highest level of support. With clients staying loyal for over 20 years to Phillip Paradiso and KPTech, it’s a true testament to our motto of “Service and Results”