Gone are the days when businesses could wait days for a problem to be fixed. Time is money, and money still doesn’t grow on trees.

Many IT support companies made themselves busy with inefficiency (and many still do it today), lots of staff driving around fixing issues at an expensive hourly rate. (I.e back in 2002-2005 when we were called Knowledge Plus with 24 staff) This was called a “Break/Fix” support model. You wait for something to break, and then you get it fixed.

These Break/Fix companies were/are still profitable! When you are paying an hourly rate to fix things, they have no urgency to ensure your network or systems are healthy, no serious preventative maintenance, they use a lot of band aid solutions, there is no consistency with their staff generally, or their solutions. If they did all this properly, they would lose money and no longer be profitable – so don’t expect them to have a sudden change of heart!

Managed Services turns this on it’s head…and KPTech have been a Managed Services Provider (MSP) since 2006 – one of the first in South Australia to offer this specifically tailored for small business clients without a huge corporate budget.

KPTech now offers more efficient support to quadruple the number of clients we had over 10 years ago with 80% less staff. How? Managed Services and our investment in back end automation systems performing a lot of the manual work automatically for us – which means faster and more efficient service to you.

A growing number of small businesses are now attracted to Managed Services because it allows them to selectively outsource specific or complete IT management responsibilities to a company like KPTech for a predictable monthly cost, while benefiting from 24/7 monitoring, automatic maintenance of computers, fast remote support, proactive detection and repair of potential problems and increased network reliability.

When you start adding small monthly costs for additional services like automated backup, email security and filtering, antivirus/spyware protection, asset and inventory tracking (and more..), you end up with a single monthly fee to cover almost every aspect of your IT infrastructure including the software you use, the support you want, the maintenance and updates you need and much more productive staff. (Not to mention less worried management.)

Managed Services puts the onus back on your IT Provider to take all the IT responsibilities you choose for a predictable cost per month. No more surprise invoices for a 5 hour fix on a 1hr problem that could have been prevented in the first place with the right proactive monitoring. The bulk of the support costs are included in your fixed monthly fee! Your prices stay the same each month, and the IT provider picks up the bill if something doesn’t work correctly.

KPTech offer 3 levels of Managed Service agreements.. Essentials, Gold and Platinum.

Call us today on 1300 303 173 and find out how KPTech Managed Services can help your business!