KPTech Managed Services Essentials (MSE) Info Sheet

Phone & Remote Support Information

KPTech have locally (not contracted) employed support staff ready to take your support requests from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. (excluding public holidays etc, weekend and after hours is by appointment only and not included)

Simply email support (at) kptech (dot) com (dot) au with your problem and the next available technician will work on your request. This is the most important step for getting timely support.

We suggest you restart the computer and replicate the problem (if possible) before you request support.

You will receive an email from support advising we have received your support request, and a ticket number will be provided to you. You can update this ticket in future with any further info or updates you may have by clicking REPLY on the same email we send you.

After your initial email, you can call 1300 303 173 and talk directly to a tech support person ONLY when the issue is urgent or timing is critical. (Or if you cant email of course!)

KP Tech will then contact you to arrange access to your computer remotely over the internet to fix any issues you may have. The computer must be on, and internet connected for this to occur.

Automated Maintenance – Patch Management

Many viruses use opportunities that buggy software provides to infect your computers. As software is released, it can often take days or weeks, months or even years before errors and mistakes are fixed via updates. KPTech install an agent (software) on your computer(s) so that we can remote into your computer when you need assistance (Splashtop) and also manage updates and patching on your computer to keep it secure. Our agent scans your versions of software and picks the updates required to install. KPTech will automatically process Windows updates and patches, as well as Office, Adobe and Java updates. This will mean that your computer needs to be on (not in sleep or hibernate mode) between Wednesday nights 7pm and Thursday mornings around 5am. If the computer is off, the process will not occur and if this occurs for more than a few weeks in a row, your computer(s) will be more susceptible to infection, and potentially not run as well as it could.

During the update, your computer will work slower as we determine what updates need to be applied. It is important you do not have programs running and files open during this time, as a reboot normally occurs during the patching process, and we cannot take any responsibility for files you left open and didn’t save before the reboot.

Patch management is crucial in protecting a computer from virus infections, and out-of-date software is often more responsible for mass virus outbreaks than having free or poor antivirus software. As a security strategy, antivirus software is merely one layer of as many as 7 layers that can be implemented for the most effective security.

Managed Anti-Virus Information

KPTech install commercial grade antivirus software. Currently (2019) we use Webroot Endpoint Protection, however as times change in the industry we sometimes change or add other products as needed to ensure adequate protection. One point to make however is that running antivirus software alone will not protect you from everything that can infect your computer. For true protection, it is a layered approach, tackling multiple aspects of exposure (up to 7 layers), including frequent patching/updates, perimeter UTM firewalls, enhanced ATP mail filtering, custom modification of email backend systems, application whitelisting and user education – i.e training on what to do, and what not to do. Some of these services can be added to your agreement. No one provides a guarantee that antivirus software will stop 100% of infections, and infection cleanup is not covered under any agreement at KPTech.

Our antivirus software will typically do quick scans in the morning, that only last a couple of minutes, and then do a weekly deep scan (on slow computers this can take many hours) on Wednesday nights from 7pm, and sometimes Sunday nights at 7pm also.

Our antivirus software is always up to date as it uses cloud data centres to instantly protect you from new threats. (We don’t download definition updates like older ineffective antivirus software – i.e free AV software)

Document Backup Information

KPTech use Tier3 Grade AUSTRALIAN servers, AES 128/256 or Blowfish 448 encryption, 28 individual day file retention (up to twice per day – 12 noon to 2pm, and 9pm to 6am), and the service will back up the following file formats (only) automatically:
Documents .DOC | .DOCX | .DOCM | .DOCM | .DOTX | .DOCB | .DOT | .ODT | .PAGES | .RTF | .TXT | .WPD | .WPS | .WBK (i.e Microsoft Word
Data Files .CSV | .PPS | .ODC | .ODF
Page Layout Files .PDF | .ODG | .PUB | .XPS
Presentations .KEY | .ODP | .PPT | .PPS | .POT | .PPTX | .PPSX | .PPSM | .POTX | .PPTM | .POTM | .PPAM | .SLDX | .SLDM
Spreadsheets .XLP | .ODS | .XLS | .XLT | .XLM | .XLSX | .XLSM | .XLTX | .XLTM | .XLSB | .XLA | .XLAM | .XLL | .XLW | .XLR | .numbers

The storage for your backup is unlimited, but KPTech do not allow for your internet usage charges when uploading to the cloud. If you need to restore a file, email support (at) kptech (dot) com (dot) au and let us know the exact name of the file(s), and where it was located (folder path), and we will restore back to the exact same spot at no charge. This backup system will not backup application, database, email, accounting or similar programs. KPTech have an alternate backup system from $22 inc GST per month that is not limited to file types, please contact sales (at) kptech (dot) com (dot) au for information and pricing. This can be added to your agreement.

Financial Investment & Discounted Support

The setup fee for MSE is $55 inc GST per PC. ($495 inc GST maximum for 9 PCs) This fee covers installing and configuring our software including antivirus and backup software installation. Virus removal is often additional cost if infections are present, as the setup fee does not allow for additional time needed.

As part of your monthly support allocation of hours included, KPTech can assist with all of your problems in relation to your computer(s), internet, wireless, printing, storage, office software, virus issues and more. Our normal support rate for labour is $176 inc GST per hour, but clients who are on a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) only pay $143 inc GST per hour! Please note that your agreement includes all the support we do over the phone or remotely.

If you bring/pick up the equipment to/from our office in Hope Valley, we only charge $110 inc GST per hour and if we need to visit you onsite, it will be $143 inc GST per hour plus $33 inc GST per hour for travel to you and travel back to our office in Hope Valley. (Workshop and onsite is not included in your MSE 1 hour allocation)

On the 1st of each month, you will receive an invoice for that current month support. (Unless you are on upfront yearly billing). If you consume your monthly support allocation before the next month, KPTech will invoice the additional labour at a discounted $143 inc GST per hour. (You will receive an email when your allocation gets low) For any other work (not included in your monthly support allocation), labour will be invoiced at a discounted $143 inc GST per hour, and $33 inc GST per hour for travel to and back.

Your 1 hour of support doesnt roll over to the next month if unused, and time is rounded in 9 min blocks.

MSE agreements have a minimum 4 month term (then rolling month to month), and 2 month cancellation notice (must be in writing, email accounts (at) kptech (dot) com (dot) au) . There is no prorata billing discount for stopping of agreements during the month, only prorata for starting agreements.

Monthly payments are direct debited from credit card (Amex 2.2%, V/MC 1.7%) or bank account (no admin fee) 7 days after invoice date. Any additional invoices will be settled by the same method automatically.