KPTech are one of the few IT companies that have a strong MSP relationship with a quality internet (ISP) provider, Aussie Broadband.

We can help you sign up, monitor the application, install the connection, invoice you the monthly fee, and provide your support!

Quality is not determined by how big you are, but more how good your customer service is, and how fast you can fix any issues that occur.

The NBN network as a whole is a complicated beast. When something stops working, it could be no less than 5 different things causing the problem. Then you add on your home or business equipment to the mix, and all of a sudden there are 10 or 15 things to consider!

This is where KPTech excels in supporting your NBN connection. We are not an ISP, but our staff have worked there! Our advantage is we are IT professionals – we have the knowledge and experience to not just look at the 5 ISP issues, but also know the other 10+ areas that might be causing or adding to the issue. We also have access to the ISP back end troubleshooting tools – hence we have the best of both worlds to support you!

Not to mention, that the “free” or “cheap” modem/router bundled may actually be useless for your needs. We are not locked to any one modem/router manufacturer or type, and can provide many solutions that will fit your needs better!

Give us a call on 1300 303 173 and we can find out what technology you can connect to, what your expected speed capability should be, and what needs to be done before the connection is live.

NBN General Info:

The NBN network is not just one single technology.. it’s a mish mash of multiple technologies, all trying to work together.. Your property (home or business) is assigned the technology supporting your area. This could be differnet to the technology used down the road or even across the road! In recent times – there is now an option to change the technology to your premises to “FTTP”, which is the most capable and most reliable NBN technology, but the price to do so may be higher than expected..

FTTP (or FTTH) – Fibre to the Premises (Home) – currently the best technology, but only available in limited suburbs

FTTC – Fibre to the Curb – uses a combination of Fibre in the street, but generally a short run of copper to the premises

FTTB – Fibre to the Basement – similar to FTTC – used in large buildings, with fibre to the building basement, and copper to each tenant

FTTN – Fibre to the Node – uses a combination of Fibre to a cabinet (Node) in the street, but a mix of short or long runs of copper to the premises – depending how far away that cabinet is. This is generally the technology that causes the most grief when copper still forms most of your connection to the internet because your premises is not close to a Node

HFC – Hybrid Fibre Coaxial – similar to FTTN, but instead of copper, it uses the cable network that Pay TV or Foxtel still uses.

NBN Fixed Wireless (Plus) – using Radio signals to provide the NBN service to a premises that cannot support one of the above. It is generally not as fast, and generally not as reliable, and it doesnt make any promises – but it’s better than ADSL and for most – it does the job!

NBN Sky Muster (Plus) – similar to Fixed Wireless – but using satellite signals. Data is premium on these plans, no such thing as unlimited

Aside from NBN technology – you can also get internet supplied by Starlink (satellite), 4G/5G services (often used as a backup for above services), or from providers like Superloop and Uniti – who have their own towers and as long as you have line of sight with no obstructions, and the tower isn’t too far away, they can use Radio signals to provide your connection via point-to-point wireless.