Why your business needs a password manager

Critical information accessible anywhere, at any time, from any device

Encrypted storage of credentials, credit cards, bank details and personal information means access to everything you need from one safe place.

*64% of businesses have their productivity impacted on a daily or weekly basis due to access issues.

Role-based access control

Sales employees should not have access to HR or accounts and vice versa. The ability to provide full or limited access to systems based on role, and read-only for some and full access for others, gives management full control and full transparency of who can access what and when.

Secure access sharing

Sharing credentials, payment information, personal or confidential notes is simple and secure. You can create groups and shared folders to share items specific to teams, departments or specific staff members.

Automated processes that speed up work

Password managers save time on every sign-in, payment and form completion. Information saved can auto-populate with one click whenever and wherever needed.

Hard-to-hack credentials become the new standard

Password managers ensure staff adhere to password policies such as minimum characters. Add multi-factor authentication and auto-lock on devices, and security for what is relatively simple to ignore is instantly increased.

*80% of hacking incidents are caused by stolen or reused login information.

Identify breaches early before they harm your business

It takes a business an average of *287 days to detect a data breach – giving criminals plenty of time to steal, sell or exploit your information. Find out when company domains, credentials, emails and sensitive data has been compromised with early detection.

*Source: StrongDM 2022, Verizon Data Breach Report 2022, IBM 2021