KPTech now offer Cloud Hosted PBX Phone Systems! This solution eliminates the need to purchase an expensive box on the wall, and can reduce your monthly phone bill up to 70% in many cases. With the NBN rollout, this has introduced the cancellation of copper and ISDN telephone lines in NBN enabled areas – so it is critical you update your phone system and transfer your phone line/number to NBN before it’s too late! We can also setup your internet connection to the NBN network, meaning one provider (support and billing) of both internet and phone system for a seamless managed service.

KPTech offer solutions starting at a single phone line, and can scale to 500 lines without changing your solution. We provide your typical phone system features, but also include more benefits like voicemail to email, computer integration and dialling numbers from your program, desk phone and mobile phone simultaneous ringing and more..

Worried about the cost to setup and install a new PBX and desk phones? KPTech offer a single monthly cost to include all your required hardware (including new phones, headsets, POE Switches etc) with support and maintenance included, and no costs ever for replacing our hardware in the future! (We will replace faulty equipment for free, including free labour and delivery)

Give KPTech a call on 1300 303 173 and talk to one of our staff for a free phone bill analysis, and let us help you by reducing your communication costs and taking advantage of new technology to increase efficiency and customer service.