KPTech have over 25 years experience working with Point of Sale (POS) hardware and software. We have the knowledge and experience to setup a retail shop from start to finish with everything you need:

  • Hardware (i.e touch screen terminals, cash drawers etc)
  • Software (i.e capable of single lane stores or multi-national or global operations , or custom software specifically with what you want)
  • Peripherals (i.e docket printers, barcode scanners, labeling printers etc)
  • Consumables (thermal paper, sticker labels, ribbons etc)- even the consumables like docket paper).

Not only that, we are IT people too – so your back of house computers, printers, internet, email systems, security, backup and everything else can be managed by us too!

Imagine only having one company to deal with for all your technology needs. The time saving for you (and your staff) could be huge!

Why? Because everyone knows that POS experts only know the basics about computers and networking, and IT experts only know the basics about POS systems.

KPTech are experts at both, it’s what you get when you mix different employees from different specialties from different countries to create a powerful team of problem solvers!

So.. if you’re tired of the IT crew blaming the POS crew, and vice versa, maybe you should give us a call and deal with a single company supporting all your technology needs.