KPTech not only take care of your computers and network – we also manage your printing and scanning solutions too! We also supply ink and toner with same day delivery for early morning orders at extremely competitive prices.

Now, we have a little secret we want to tell you but you need to keep it to yourself…

The cheaper the cost of the printer, the more it will end up costing you in the long run… This is why KPTech do not sell cheap printers… We are happy to provide your inks or toners and try to save you money this way – but we won’t sell you a printer (or anything in fact) that does not give a decent return on investment or have low running costs.

What does this mean to you?

There are very few inkjet multi function printers that we will sell, as we feel you get better value from laser multi function printers instead – not to mention they have longer warranties and/or can last up to 5 x longer (for some brands, not all).

Want to know another secret?

The cheaper the cost of the laser printer, the more it will end up costing you in the long run.

Yes, just because you took the leap of faith and purchased a laser instead of an inkjet, it does not mean that the model or brand you purchased is going to work out cheaper or last longer compared to another brand! Some laser printers need 4 consumable items to be replaced (the toners, that is all), while some cheaper brands need 7 different consumables you need on hand to replace for uninterrupted printing!

One more secret…

Almost all the printer manufacturers tell you how many pages their ink or toner can print, and almost all manufacturers use a consistent method to measure this capacity – so 1000 pages for a $70 ink is a cheaper running cost than 1000 pages for a $90 ink.. Easy, right? Not so much when some manufacturers (especially compatible/refill style) bend the rules, use different methods to measure and so on.. Careful…

If you want to know more secrets of the printing industry, talk to Phil. He will happily share his 30+ years experience of selling print solutions and how the market has changed over this time…

Curious what brand KPTech tends to favour in most cases?

Key attribute is the cheapest running costs in the industry. Yields from their toners are also optimised for the highest quality output for the life of the printer (not just the first year). Operational functionality is one of the most flexible and intuitive in the industry. Customisation is available for workflows or applications to ensure productivity is maximised. Easy device setup means no expensive installation costs after purchase. Range of printers available means they have the right device for your needs. Awards a plenty – including “Good Design”, “Buyers Lab”, with Planet Ark & Clean Up Australia partnerships.

Their Australian operations have been running over 30 years and Phil has been working with them for 25 of those! Still not sure, we are not BOLD enough to tell you here, give us a call on 1300 303 173!