KPTech offer many solutions to common business issues, but how are KPTech solutions different to the plethora of IT companies out there?

Ask yourself this, how many have over 32 years experience at many levels of IT at the helm?

Retail Sales – 3yrs experience

VAR / Corporate Sales – 3yrs experience

Wholesale Distribution, Importing and System Assembly – 5yrs experience

Small and Medium Business Supply and Support – 21 yrs and counting

Now ask yourself how many IT companies have this sort of experience behind them, but are still young enough to have the passion and “think outside the square” mentality that comes with a genuine young at heart technology geek?

Well, that’s enough about the Director, but then you add the knowledge and experience of the KPTech staff, and the long term partnerships that have developed from 30 years, and soon you will realise KPTech IS different to the competition!

Another point of difference is the ability KPTech has to provide the RIGHT solution for the problem at hand. Not necessarily the cheapest solution, and never a solution that doesn’t provide a reasonable return on investment. KPTech look for solutions that provide a definitive outcome to the problem you have without wastage of your time or money. We will spend the time to test the solution, before we offer it to clients, so that we can guarantee you get the right outcome for your needs.

One last thing.. We ENJOY working with micro and small businesses, their staff, their families. KPTech used to look after large corporate and commercial clients, but the Director Phil didn’t enjoy the politics and red tape associated with larger clients.. so he now only concentrates on smaller clients.

This is what more than 33 yrs of experience gives you…