Managed Services

Gone are the days when businesses could wait 24-48 hours for a problem to be fixed. Time is money, and money still doesn’t grow on trees…

With so many changes in the IT industry, few make as big an impact as what Managed Services has done over the last 2 years for small business, or what Cloud computing will do in the next 2 years for multinationals! (and eventually small business as well!)

Managed Services was originally affordable in multinational corporations and banks 10 years ago, but can now be implemented in a small business with 90% of the features for 5% of the price.

A growing number of small businesses are now attracted to Managed Services because it allows them to selectively outsource specific or complete IT management responsibilities to a company like KPTech for a predictable monthly cost, while benefiting from 24/7 monitoring, automated routine IT tasks, fast remote support, proactive maintenance and increased network reliability.

This is only a fraction of the overall productivity gains – but as a starting point they are very beneficial to small or large business in any regard. When you start adding small monthly costs for additional services like email archiving, antivirus/spyware protection, online backup, asset and inventory tracking, web usage reporting and filtering and the list goes on, you end up with a single monthly fee to cover almost every aspect of your IT infrastructure including the software you use, the support you want, the maintenance and updates you need and much more productive staff. (Not to mention less worried management.)

Managed Services puts the onus back on your IT Provider to take all the IT responsibilities you choose for a predictable cost per month. No more surprise invoices because it took 5 hours to fix a 1hr problem that could have been prevented in the first place with the right maintenance plan.. The bulk of the support costs are included in your fixed monthly fee!

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