Why your business needs Cyber Risk Management

Australia has seen a wave of data breaches over the past year. In addition to targeting large, high-profile organizations like Optus and Medibank, cybercriminals have also been attacking small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the country. Unlike large enterprises, smaller businesses don’t have the resources to manage their cybersecurity functions internally, and depend on service providers like KPTech to protect their data and IT infrastructure against cyber-attacks.

Strengthen your security posture at an SMB price you can afford

With KPTech’s CRM SaaS platform, you can implement outcome-focused and effective cyber risk management in a streamlined manner. Combining multiple tools for cyber risk discovery, assessment and mitigation, KPTech can reduce your cyber risk profile and help you meet industry cyber protection requirements.

Vulnerability Management and Mitigation Planning

Compliance with the ACSC’s Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies

Using Vulnerability Management, Risk Mitigation and Network Discovery features to get closer to compliance with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight Strategies.

Secure Baseline Scanning

Strengthen Operating System configurations by comparing existing security settings with best practice frameworks like the CIS Benchmarks or DISA STIGs. We can fix misconfigurations and prevent configuration drift over time with regular scanning.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Discover sensitive data that may be stored in your environment such as bank accounts, credit cards, tax file numbers, passwords, etc.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor the dark web for leaked or stolen information (e.g., compromised accounts with passwords) about your business and look for chatter in underground forums.

Risk Assessment Reports

KPTech assess risk reports and scorecards to improve your security score.