Why your business needs Human Risk Management

Security Awareness Training is the key component to reducing cyber security risk caused by employees. 

Training involves a Gap Analysis questionnaire, followed up with targeted training courses that immediately educate each employee on thier weakest areas first, with followup training and phishing tests to measure the results.

IT policiy management is also part of the solution, with company policies published for employees to review and sign, including policies covering password use, computer use, internet use and so on. 

Why is security awareness so important in today’s world?

Any business or employee can be targeted

  • Cyber criminals often target employees to gain access to sensitive information
  • This is due to employees being seen as the ‘weak link’ in the cyber security chain
  • Small to medium-sized businesses are just as likely to be hit by a cyber attack
  • Criminals often launch widespread and untargeted attacks, meaning anyone is a target

Phishing attacks are getting harder to spot

  • Phishing is where a cyber criminal attempts to trick victims into handing over sensitive
    information or installing malware, often by impersonating someone else via email
  • 75% of businesses experience phishing and 22% of data breaches involve phishing
  • Regular training ensures that we can keep up and combat new phishing techniques

We all make mistakes

  • Over 90% of data breaches are a result of human error, like sending an email containing
    sensitive data to the wrong person, sharing passwords or leaving devices unattended
  • Training helps us to make smarter security decisions every day and limit human error

Comply with regulations and frameworks

  • Many regulatory frameworks and compliance standards list staff security awareness
    training as either mandatory or best practice whilst failure to act can result in fines