What do you prefer – Reactive or Proactive?

Break / Fix (Reactive)

KPTech offer break/fix services for those businesses who simply want to request our services when you need them. If something breaks, call us and we’ll fix it! There are no contracts, no minimum spend, and our hourly rate is competitive against any other professional IT company of similar qualifications and experience.

If you need reactive support, and don’t have any monthly services with us,  Windows click here, and if you’re on a Mac click here, when directed by a KPTech staff member, to grant us manual access to your computer.

Managed Services (Proactive)

Managed Services is suitable for businesses who want to know their average IT expenditure up front and broken down into smaller monthly payments, with no horrendous support costs due to untimely issues. KPTech managed services will monitor and maintain your servers and computers (desktop/notebook/tablet) to ensure that there are no unexpected surprises, because the onus is on KPTech to pro-actively minimise any events like these. People who service their car on a regular basis would already understand that this method of looking after your car gives you less problems over the long term. The same principle applies to your computers! Refer to our Managed Services info here.

Call us today on 1300 303 173 and find out how KPTech Managed Services can help your business!