KPTech remember Microsoft 365 when it was called Office 365.. oh wait, BPOS is what it was called when it all started! That was early 2011 before it gained mass adoption and trust me when I say i started that year with more hair than what I finshed with. (and now look at me!)

What started as simple email online, has now turned into a behometh of services on one cloud based platform used by more businesses and corporations than ANY other provider in the world. (I wont bother with statistics on this one, the number of users and release of features keep growing constantly!)

To keep it simple, if you want a reliable email system, acessible from anywhere in the world, and any device, this is your solution. If you want to add a server to your business, we could create one in Microsoft Azure. If you need somewhere to store your documents and spreadsheets, Microsoft Sharepoint. Want to collaborate, chat, message or video within your team – Microsoft Teams! And there are hundreds of other software services in the cloud provided by Microsoft to make automation, work flows, data analysis and more all available for small monthly subscriptions.

KPTech can get you setup with Microsoft 365 cloud services from $90 ex GST setup fee and under $7 ex per month for a stable, business grade email setup for your business. If you need a domain (i.e, we can set this up from $30 ex GST per year.. We do all the paperwork, setup, manage the renewals – everything! Add a website to your domain, we can do that too!